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Cannon Falls (507) 263-8500
Faribault (507) 332-6893
Metro (952) 236-4064

Service Agreements for Our HVAC Services

Platinum membership $14.60/month or $175/year

  • Annual maintenance on heating and air conditioning - a 17 point tune-up
  • We call you so you don't have to remember to schedule your tune-up
  • Annual Carbon Monoxide test
  • Annual infrared inspection of the inside of your furnace, coil & water heater
  • 10% off repairs and accessories
  • Priority service - you go to the head of the line in extremely hot or cold times
  • Cover your heat recovery ventilator or Heat N Glo or Majestic gas fireplace for small additional fee
  • Improve energy efficiency - wouldn't you like to stop overpaying the utility company?

Safety First!

A defective furnace can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide; a colorless, odorless, deadly gas.  At high levels it can kill you before you know it, and at lower levels of exposure it can cause health problems.  Some people may be more vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning such as infants, children, senior citizens and those with heart or lung problems. 

Our service technicians will perform a 60-120 minute Performance and Safety Check including:

  1. Carbon Monoxide test
  2. Check ignition and flame
  3. Check thermostat operation
  4. Infrared inspection of heating system & water heater
  5. Clean burner compartment
  6. Test and check limit safety control
  7. Check filter
  8. Check pilot and pilot safety control
  9. Inspect blower and motor operation
  10. Oil motor and lube as needed
  11. Visually inspect wiring
  12. Clean flame sensor
  13. Check humidifier
  14. Clean outdoor coil with a non-acid cleaner
  15. Inspect electrical wiring
  16. Check and record refrigerant pressures
  17. Check and record compressor volts and amps
  18. Check system for proper drainage
  19. Blow out drain trap
  20. Inspect indoor coil (if accessible)
  21. Check and record temperature in ducts

If you're looking for a professional Northfield hvac contractor, then please call us today at (507) 645-4040 or complete our online request form.