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Does static electricity make you hair look like this?

static-hair If your hair looks like this in winter maybe you need to increase the humidity level in your home. Streitz Heating can easily install a whole house automatic humidifier. It will take us less than 1/2 day for a complete installation. This Humidifier with it’s automatic control will adapt to the outdoor temperature, maintaining your home at the correct humidity level.  The humidifier is installed on your existing furnace and the humidity is distributed throughout the home.  You will want to maintain a relative humidity level between 25 to 35% .  Any lower and your hair may look like this, furniture can dry out, hardwood floor joints open up, and static electric shocks will surprise you and your pets. Some modern homes that are super tight may have too much humidity. If that is the case with your home you may need to have an air to air exchanger installed.  

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