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Northfield geothermal heat pumps operate like air-to-air heat pumps, moving heat rather than creating heat; however, they use the ground or water to absorb or dissipate heat. And, because the ground or water temperatures are much more constant year-round, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, geothermal heat pumps operate more efficiently. Listed below are just some of the outstanding qualities of this type of system.

Durable. The savings don't end with your heating and cooling bill. This system is highly reliable. Since it has no defrost cycle, there is less wear on critical components and no loss of operating efficiency. Housed indoors, the geothermal heat pump isn't subject to harsh weather conditions. So it requires little maintenance, and can last for many years.

Comfortable. A geothermal heat pump lets you live in comfort. By heating and cooling in an even fashion, it eliminates hot and cold spots. And since a geothermal system doesn't generate air as hot as that from a gas furnace, your Northfield home maintains a comfortable level of humidity and temperature.

Environmentally safe. Geothermal heat pumps help minimize environmental threats posed by the burning of fossil fuels, like acid rain, air pollution, and the greenhouse effect. And because the system has no outdoor components, it won't add to noise pollution. In fact, you won't even be able to tell when it's on.

Non-allergenic. If you have allergies or asthma, a furnace won't do you any favors. But since a geothermal system doesn't require outside air for combustion, spores and pollen aren’t drawn into your house during allergy season. In addition, the system runs longer than a gas furnace, so it filters the air more. And filtered air is clean air.

Hot water. With a geothermal system your hot water is virtually free in the summer as excess hot water is extracted from your home. Year-round these systems are up to 30 percent less expensive to operate because they reduce the amount of electricity or gas consumed by your water heater.

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