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Even though it is expected every year, winter continues to come all too soon. Be prepared for the cold winter months ahead and ensure that your home heating system is working properly. If you notice problems such as your furnace not producing enough or any heat, it turns off and on frequently, or even if your gas furnace is too noisy, then call a professional Northfield heating repair service.

Don't wait until it's too late; check your heating system during the summer. If you do have problems and need heating repairs, there are many benefits to doing it during the summer months.

When you call Streitz Heating & Cooling your heating problems will be fixed efficiently, affordably, and quickly. Our professional Northfield heating repair contractors are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Our Northfield Heating Repair Contractor Provides

  • energy efficient heating
  • house heating systems
  • home heating
  • heating and cooling
  • heating systems
  • boiler heating systems
  • heating services
  • electric heating
  • heat pump
  • electric heat pump
  • heating
  • heat pumps

We Provide Heating Repairs in the Following Areas

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Why Northfield should hire Streitz Heating & Cooling for you’re heating repairs

At Streitz Heating & Cooling, you will receive the Property Protection Guarantee which means we wear protective shoe covers and hall runners will be used. Also, any damaged property will be repaired or replaced. Satisfaction guaranteed or we will remove the Northfield HVAC equipment and return 100% of your investment!

We offer a No Lemon Guarantee which means you will receive a 5 or 10 year replacement guarantee! Not only the lemon guarantee we have the comfort guarantee - if the temperature range we have promised is not achieved, we will replace the system at no charge!

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If you're looking for a professional heating repairs contractor in Northfield, then please call us today at (507) 645-4040 or complete our online request form.